How likely is it that I could get pregnant after such accident that occurred for the first time?

Unfortunately, I have some bad news because it could happen that you got pregnant (it doesn’t matter that it was the first time). If 72-120 hours have not yet passed since your intercourse without contraception, you should visit a gynaecological clinic, where emergency contraception will be prescribed for you. If this period is already over, you should take a test at the time when your next bleeding is expected, provided that it is late.

I also feel unwell and nauseated in the morning (sometimes even in the afternoon). I have taken the pills regularly except for one case when I took them a little later than usual, but according to the patient information leaflet, a few hours of delay should still produce the effect. My last period was not like it used to be, but as far as I know this could be because of the pills. In recent weeks, I have also experienced white secretion. Could these symptoms indicate pregnancy? 

It is very unlikely that you got pregnant despite taking the pills regularly. If your last period was different from the usual, you should nevertheless take a pregnancy test just to be sure. If it is negative, you can calm down completely. If you continue to feel sick and nauseated, you should visit your GP to undergo further examinations, if necessary.

Lately I have been thinking about taking contraceptive pills, but I need your advice in this matter. I have read it several times that it is not recommended at my age due to its side effects and the worse chances of becoming pregnant later. Yet others recommend it with peace of mind. What would you recommend?

You must think it over how long you will take the pills, and whether it is a “must”. If you could solve contraception using condoms, then I think you should still wait before taking pills. You are young, your body is still growing, you shouldn’t interrupt it by taking pills. It is true that pills can be prescribed for even 15 or 16-year-olds, but primarily for those who are likely not to use any other form of contraception, and expressly insist on the pills. Since contraceptive pills are better than an unwanted pregnancy, I think you should wait.

I should have already had my period. I took a pregnancy test to be sure, but I’m not pregnant. Yet I didn’t get my period, and my stomach hurts too.

You should take another pregnancy test a week later (you do not specify the method of contraception). If it is negative, you can wait for the next bleeding, as irregular periods are quite common in your age.

We really wanted each other, so he put it inside me, but just for 3 or 4 pushes... I am 8 days after my menstruation, can I be pregnant because of this? I don’t want a baby. Would you recommend a morning after pill? If yes, do I need a consent from my parents or anything like that at the age of 15?

Yes, you may be pregnant. Given that average bleeding lasts 4-5 days, you must be on day 12-14 of your cycle 8 days after menstruation. That is exactly when ovulation occurs. I recommend the prescription of morning after pills and contraceptive pills. You do not need a consent from parents, but a laboratory test is needed to check whether you have a predisposition to thrombosis.

So I went for a morning after pill, which I took that same evening. Today (on Wednesday) I experienced creamy secretion. Is this because of the hormones, or could I get pregnant despite having taken the pill?

Since you took the morning after pill in time, you shouldn’t be afraid of being pregnant. Secretion could rather indicate an infection, which should be seen by a gynaecologist in order to treat it appropriately.

Because I’ve heard it many times that it is not true, yet there are 12-year-old “little girls” who have breasts like those of adult women, and take contraceptive pills.

Contraceptive pills indeed influence the size, shape, etc. of breasts since they contain hormones. It is certain that no doctor would ever prescribe contraceptive pills for a 12-year-old girl, that’s for sure. It is very unhealthy to prevent ovulation in a teenager’s body artificially, using pills administered externally, you should not even think of this.

When can I have a sex life without the risk of pregnancy?

After two weeks, there is no need for any additional form of contraception if you take the pills from the first day of your menstruation.

I started to take contraceptive pills about two weeks ago. From then on, I have many pimples on my face. Could this be because of the pills?

Temporary side effects like this are possible. Hopefully, the balance will be restored during the next 1-2 menstrual cycles, if not, you should take other contraceptive pills.

We used a condom, which was put on before penetration, but I’m not sure it didn’t break. Even if it broke, only the pre-cum could get into me. Can I get pregnant from that?

Even the pre-cum can contain sperms. You should always check afterwards whether the condom has broken. Stress can cause your period to be late, but perhaps not that much. You can buy pregnancy tests in drugstores. It could be worth taking one, then visiting a gynaecologist, because pregnancy cannot be excluded. Hopefully, you are not pregnant. You should be very careful in the future when using condoms. You can also consider taking contraceptive pills.