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What happens if you take drugs?

Drugs cause a problem for many teenagers since they try it out and get addicted to it. They may not know, but by doing so, they create enormous obstacles for not only themselves but also their parents and other relatives.

Under the influence of drugs patients are put in a euphoric mood in ecstasy, which they want to feel more and more frequently, whereby they cannot think of anything else but this “carefree” state. After a while drug addicts fall into depression, and get anxious if they do not receive their daily dose.

Drug users face the risk of cardiovascular problems, and may suffer convulsions. In addition, there is a chance that they will experience chest pain, breathing difficulties, respiratory arrest and other side effects. After the initial pleasure derived from drugs, their regular use can lead to paranoid delusions.

If the effect of dopamine wears off, patients are left only with the feelings of depression and anxiety, which they want to overcome by taking one more dose of drugs. This is a vicious circle. It is really difficult to escape from it.

On top of that, it is also accompanied by physical and mental breakdown. Drug takers cannot perform in their everyday life, lose control of themselves, deteriorate physically and lose human contact. Drugs can attack any human organ, which may cause serious life-threatening diseases.

A number of therapy centres are available for drug addicts, which lead them out of the bondage to drugs, and enable them to live a full life again. In group and individual therapies patients can learn how to surmount drugs. Initial withdrawal symptoms may be reduced by medication.

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