How to use the condom properly?

It doesn’t matter whether you use condoms for oral, anal or vaginal sex, there are a few basic rules which can prevent accidents like the breaking or slipping of the condom. Also, do not forget, a sexual intercourse must always be mutually agreed on and must be preceded by foreplay. Let’s see then!

Before using the condom

  • Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight (do not store it in your wallet or pocket for a long time).
  • Check the expiry date.
  • Press the package: does it leak air?
  • Open the package carefully, never with your teeth!
  • If the condom seems damaged, pale or not intact in any way, do not use it!

Putting on the condom

  • Pinch the reservoir shut with one hand so that enough room remains for the semen.
  • Then roll the condom down the entire shaft of the penis.
  • Meanwhile make sure to smooth any air bubbles from the condom.
  • Use a lubricant - it reduces unnecessary rubbing, which can cause the condom to break.


  • While you are pulling out the penis, hold the condom at its base to prevent slip-off.
  • Take off the condom and throw it to the rubbish bin but never into the toilet.
  • Experts recommend removing the penis while it is still firm, because as it softens, sperm can leak or the condom can slip off.

Many men’s erection quickly disappears after the ejaculation, they should therefore remove their penis from the vagina as soon as possible after the ejaculation to prevent unwanted pregnancy and/or infections.

As it is important for you that your partner also has orgasm, you can ask her before or during the intercourse how you can please her better. You can try to satisfy her in a different way after your ejaculation.

If she can arouse you again, you can try and have another intercourse, too - always with a new condom! 

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