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Pimples – a nightmare for any teenager

A common concomitant of adolescence and a phenomenon that all of us hate. We think that the heavens have designs on us when we notice the giant pustule on our face just before our date, wedding or party.

But how do these nasties appear?

During the increased production of sebum in puberty, sebum and pus accumulated in the sebaceous gland duct can lead to pimples. They are caused not only by the increased production of sebum but also by medicines, oilseeds and even chocolate. At worst, they can appear on the entire face, back and forehead, and suppurate or leave scars upon healing. (That is why they should not be picked and scraped!) Sometimes they appear even on the ears and the nose, which is very unpleasant and painful. Girls most frequently experience them at the age of 14-17, boys at the age 16-19, but even adults may suffer from them.

How should I treat them? When will they go away?

Everybody needs a different cream and a different method that really helps. Shops are full of anti-acne products for teenagers, and every major brand releases such products onto the market. Instead of smearing various sorts of cosmetics on your face like a maniac, you should consider what is good for your skin. It may not do you good to apply tonic, face pack, night cream and day cream as well as facial scrubs on your face at the same time. Many try to “get rid of” their unwanted pimples by smearing various sorts of foundation, powder and concealers on them. Powder and concealers are not that dangerous (if applied separately), but foundation can lead to a total blockage of the sebaceous gland duct, which is already blocked anyway, thereby preventing the skin from breathing and worsening the situation.

“You should smear a cosmetic on your face that you could even eat”

“Homemade” face packs, creams and, of course, fruits are the best. You should also pay attention to prevention because good nutrition is essential. Try to avoid eating too much chocolate, salted seeds, oilseeds and highly spiced food.

A tip from Cameron Diaz for oily acne-prone skin: use sparkling mineral water for washing your face. In addition, a face pack made of cucumber slices is also a good solution.

For dry skin: use a water-based moisturizer many times. In general, this skin type is the most sensitive. Use cosmetic products that are specifically designed for this skin type.

For normal skin: It requires minimum care, but you should of course also pay attention to good nutrition.

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