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How to lose 500 extra calories a day

Following the 7 easy tips below you too can eliminate 500 superfluous calories.

We take in a lot of calories every day, many of which are not necessary, therefore can make losing weight more difficult.  You do not need dramatic methods to become slimmer, just pay attention to these small details:

1 - Size does matter!

If you eat from bigger plates, you tend to help yourselves to more food and eat more than what your body really needs. Eat from smaller plates and only take a second helping, if you really still feel hungry.

If you eat in a restaurant, it is worth to ask for starter size dishes. You should ask for a smaller portion and a side (an extra salad, for instance), this way you can save 100-200 calories as restaurants generally serve larger portions than what you really need.

2 - Forget the dressing and the sauce.

Sauces and dressings (even on salads) contain more hidden calories, sugar and trans fat than you’d ever guess. So, if you are in a restaurant, always ask for the dressing to come separately - on the side of the plate or in a small bowl. Try to use only half of the dressing for your dish and avoid artificial, oversugared condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate sauce, etc.).

3 - Ask for small portions!

Hard as we try, it is almost impossible to avoid pizza places and other fast food diners. If you do not have the time to grab a proper meal, and choose one of these restaurants, always ask for the small menu. Ask small from everything and choose an offer where you can get mineral water or fruit. If it’s possible, select a salad or a grilled dish of some kind. As for pizza, avoid too much sauce and fatty toppings.

4 - Forget carbonated soft drinks, too.

These are usually made from sugar and artificial substances. You can drink lots of unnecessary and unwanted calories within seconds. Opt for still mineral water, sugar free lemonade or natural fruit smoothie instead.

5 - Have grilled meat instead of breaded fried ones.

The latter contain much more fat, sugar and unwanted calories. Whenever you can, ask for a grilled or steamed dish, only slightly spiced. Choose steamed vegetables instead of French fries, or oven-baked potatoes, and if you need to snack, puffed rice is better than crisps.

6 - Steam rather than fry.

One spoonful of oil can contain up to 120 calories. Such little things can easily add up and you can take in plenty of unnecessary calories by the end of the day. Try to avoid frying if you cook at home, steaming or grilling is a better option. You save not only calories but also do a favour to your body. These dishes will be easier to digest and you’ll feel less tired after eating.

7 - Stop boredom-snacking.

How many times have you eaten something which you did not really want, you were just simply bored? Snacking like that is responsible for speedy weight gain. Only eat something, if your body really needs it and you are very hungry. Switch to fruit and vegetables from unhealthy snacks. Instead of salt sticks and crisps, have a hummus dip with carrots and change cakes and chocolate to yoghurt with fresh fruit.

Don’t forget, proper exercise and a regular, balanced diet are part of both a healthy lifestyle and a healthy way of losing weight. Never miss main meals just to save on calories.

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