Contraception myths

Contraception is unfortunately still a rich source of misinformation and legends among teenagers. Now we reveal the truth about the most frequently heard myths, since if you are misguided, it can lead to a true life-altering situation. And this is not something you want, is it?

Is condom 100% safe?

Condom is not 100% safe. Yearly a 4-15% of couples learn this. Failure is usually up to incorrect application. Sometimes the condom itself is damaged. When making love, it is important to know that the so-called pre-ejaculate may also contain sperm, so it can get you pregnant. Furthermore, the condom can break or slip during intercourse, so take it seriously that condom is NOT 100% safe!

If I take the contraception pill, can I become pregnant?

For the pill to be effective you need to take it according to prescription. Contraceptive pills contain synthetic hormones which hinder ovulation and do not let the fertilized eggs embed into the womb; they also make the cervix impenetrable for sperms. If you do not take the pill regularly, you can easily get pregnant, on the other hand, pills do not offer 100% safety. It can influence the effect of the pill if you were ill, if you had diarrhea or if you have vomited.

Is it safe, if I ejaculate near the vagina, but not exactly inside?

If the ejaculation does not happen in the vagina, the risk of getting pregnant is lower, however, if it happens in close proximity, sperms can easily fight the distance and get to the vagina, which may cause pregnancy. Besides, the above-mentioned pre-ejaculate can also contain sperm, so be aware that you can get pregnant this way, too.

Is interruption a safe method?

This method causes probably way more pregnancies than all the other incorrect ways of contraception. This is simply not safe! The pre-ejaculate contains sperms so you can get pregnant! In addition, you need huge self-control and sexual self-knowledge to be able to withdraw in the right moment, so it is possible that the boy cannot control himself even if he meant to and the girl gets pregnant.

Can I become pregnant at the first time?

 Of course, you can! You can get pregnant regardless whether you had sexual experience before.

Is taking a shower an effective way of contraception?

Shower isn’t an effective way of contraception. If the sperms get into the cervix, however thoroughly you shower, it won’t help. On the contrary, showering can even speed up sperms on their way.

If a woman does not have orgasm, can she get pregnant?

Women doesn’t need orgasm to get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant, if we do it in a standing position?

Yes, you can. Whatever position you choose, you can get pregnant if you do not use proper contraception!

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