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Why is physical activity important?

You must have often heard it before that active life is good for your body, but did you know that it also helps you feel good? The proper amount and quality of physical activity are not only good for your body but also improve your mood.

Results and benefits of physical activity

According to experts, teenagers should do at least one hour of moderate or vigorous physical activity per day. Here are some reasons why:

  • Physical activity is useful for your whole body, including your mind. During exercise endorphins (hormones secreted from the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus) are produced, thereby filling you with joy and peace. Regular exercise also promotes a more balanced sleep pattern. It can help you get over mild depression and low self-esteem. Exercises done correctly create a sense of efficiency and pride felt after achieving the set objective, which has a positive impact on you.
  • Exercises help you bring out the best in your body shape. Workouts gradually burn off calories, and even improve your presence compared to lazy people. Physical activity is one of the most important instruments of maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Physical activity helps you lose weight and prevent the majority of diseases. Watching your body weight is crucial to the prevention of many diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2 or high blood pressure. Moreover, teenagers who work out less and less suffer from diseases that are characteristics of adults more frequently.
  • Regular exercise pays off in the end. It usually does not bother young people what will happen to them in the future, but a fit body will reward itself as time passes. Especially women are affected by senile osteoporosis, physical exercises for strong bones help both boys and girls prevent the disease.

The three basic elements of a keep-fit exercise are the following: fitness, strength training and flexibility exercises.

Fitness exercises

Regular workouts such as aerobic (very active) help to improve cardiac performance, and enhance oxygen delivery and supply.

You don’t necessarily have to work out along with others, many individual sports can make your heart work harder (running, swimming, cycling, skating).

Strength training

Physical activity is good for not only your heart but also all your muscles. During exercise your muscles get stronger and stronger, and so they will bear loading for a longer period of time without much trouble.

Different exercises make different muscle groups work harder.

  • For arms: rowing, skiing, pull-ups, push-ups and good old gymnastic exercises all help to strengthen your arms.
  • For strong legs: running, cycling, rowing, skiing.
  • For shapely belly: sit-ups, rowing, classic gymnastic exercises.


Besides strengthening your heart and other muscles, it is also important to improve your body’s flexibility. Extending and flexing muscles and joints can not only enhance flexibility but also prevent various injuries.

Martial arts, ballet, gymnastics, yoga, but even stretching exercises done correctly are good for your body after workout.

One can have too much of a good thing

One can have too much of physical activity just like any other good thing. Although physical activity is good for losing body weight, overdoing it is not healthy. Especially young people must maintain a healthy balance, and since they are still growing, good nutrition is also important.

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