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9 reasons why not to get trapped by smoking

Do you want to avoid smoking? You don’t want to get addicted but you’re intrigued why the others smoke? Smoking generally starts as a kind of rebellion but can transform into a life-long addiction damaging you. Find out with the following 9 tips how to avoid getting hooked on smoking unwittingly

1 - First of all, you need to understand the process: Smoking is usually a sort of rebellion for young people or a way for being accepted into certain gangs. Many believe smoking helps them lose weight or they simply seek happiness in smoking. Others want to express their independence and “coolness” by smoking. Talk to your parents - what do they think about smoking? Always ask for advice.

2 - I know you often tend to brush off parental advice as part of the rebellion, but believe me, it is worth listening to them, they mean well. People whose parents regularly smoke will easier become smokers themselves. But those with parents judging smoking usually refrain from starting it.

3 - Smoking is not a liberating habit, it is dirty and smelly. Smoking makes your breath constantly smell, your clothes and hair will also stink and your teeth become yellow. If you smoke you’ll have less energy for doings sports, you’ll be out of breath and cough more.

4 - Smoking is expensive. Calculate how much smoking would cost you in a year if you calculate with one packet of cigarettes a day. Just think about all the clothes, electronic devices or anything else you could spend that money on!

5 - Don’t give in to the pressure! Your smoking friends often encourage you to join them. Learn how to handle these situations: simply say “Thanks I don’t smoke”.

6 - Take addiction seriously! The majority of young people think they can stop smoking whenever they want, but in reality, teenagers can just as easily become addicted as adults. And don’t forget! If you start it, it is very difficult to quit!

7 - Think about the future! People think bad things always happen to others - but long-term smoking can lead to several forms of cancer (lung, oesophagus, stomach, pancreatic, bladder), heart attack or stroke. Set a counterexample for yourself - think of an acquaintance who smokes and has similar health issues.

8 - Smoking is not just cigarettes. There are numerous other ways for smoking. Do not let yourself be fooled, these can cause addiction as well, and have the same consequences as cigarettes. Usually these products contain nicotine, carbon-monoxide and tar.

9 - Refuse smoking, talk to your friends about it, try to convince them why smoking is not worth it in the long run.

If you smoke already, try to quit as soon as possible if you want a healthy life in the future.

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