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Risen and standing - what you want to know about erection

Your penis has so far been peacefully hanging between your legs, but recently it has started to create awkward situations by hardening and moving stiffly from your body? Welcome to the threshold of adulthood!

Hormones are responsible for the changes resulting in becoming an adult. Various hormones function in your body, each of them has a unique responsibility. The sex hormone turning boys into men is called testosterone. The level of this hormone hugely increases in adolescent boys, causing changes in their bodies, the growing size of your penis and the frequent erections among others.

What is happening?

During erection, more blood flows to the erectile tissue of your penis than what is leaving it. The systems working here are called corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. From a signal from the sympathetic nervous system, the muscles around this region get lax to allow more blood flowing to the sponge tissues, other muscles get tense to restrict the blood flowing out of them. The growing organ puts pressure on the vein, thus further reducing the route of the blood flow.

When blood flows in, the penis stiffens and enlarges both in its cross-section and its length, furthermore, it rises in various angles - it can range from just below horizontal to nearly vertical.

Increased interest in sex

It is completely normal, if you are more and more interested in sex. This is in connection with increased testosterone levels. Erection usually happens when you experience sexual arousal. When you think of sex, when you watch or read sexual content or if you see the girl you are attracted to.

But do not worry, if you experience it even if it is not justified (at night for instance), or if you don’t want it to happen. On the contrary, several erections a day are completely normal at this stage of life. The reason behind this is that your body and mind still tries to get used to your new hormones, you still have to learn to control them.

How to calm yourself?

Sometimes an uncalled-for erection, appearing in the most impossible places and times can put you in embarrassing situations. Of course, you are worried whether others will notice.

Rest assured that this type of erection can quickly fade away, especially, if you try to think of something utterly different. It is naturally much easier said than done, but it is true for this situation, too, that practice makes the master!

In the meantime, you can help yourself by using traditional looser underwear instead of tight boxers, which can disguise your standing position. Wearing a loose, baggy pair of trousers can also serve the same goal.

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