Contraception and its methods - part 2

If you have an active sexual life or you would like to have one, you have to think about which contraceptive method you want to use. The only problem is that not all of the methods can be applied in the case of teenagers.


The use of condoms is safe and reliable, and as an extra bonus, it protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, which are unfortunately gaining more ground in teenagers. The majority of boys is, however, not aware of the proper use of condom, so there is a high level of incorrect application of this method. Other methods aiming at stopping sperms getting to the womb - like diaphragm or spermicides - are also good solutions, but these are less spontaneous and safe, therefore less popular with teenagers.

Natural methods

The so-called calendar method relies on calculating the riskiest days in terms of conception within the girls’ cycle, when you should avoid sexual activity. It is not reliable, since the time of ovulation is very hard to define, there are lots of influencing factors: how regular your daily routine is, how much you sleep, whether you take any medicine, whether you’ve been ill that month, drunk alcohol or taken drugs, etc.

Another less reliable method is interrupting the intercourse just before ejaculation. It often leads to teen pregnancies, as serious self-control and sexual self-knowledge is necessary for the guy to stop just at the right moment. Besides that, pre-ejaculate can also send sperms into the vagina, which can cause pregnancy. It is the same even if your partner removes his penis in time and ejaculates around the vagina. In addition, this method provides no protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STD) either.

What teenagers cannot use

Gynaecologists do not recommend intrauterine devices for teenagers. Teen girls’ wombs are not yet fully developed; therefore, complications are much more frequent. These can include expulsion of the device, inflammation, perforation of the womb, heavy pain and bleeding issues.

The examination by a gynaecologist remains the most important thing for a teenager. Even after choosing the right method of contraception, regular check-ups with you doctor is important. The first control is usually timed 3 months after starting to take the pill, here you can discuss your experiences or if you’ve had problems, the doctor can find another method for you.

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